Before using Abortion Pills

Pre-Observations To Take Abortion Pills

If you are willing to buy abortion pills, you must confirm whether you are eligible for taking abortion pills or not. The eligibility for a medical abortion is different for different women.

It depends on the women region, age group, gestation period and health condition. To avoid any kind of possible adverse effects during the medical abortion procedure please read the following points discussed below:

1.Medical abortion is at high risk for under 18

Medical abortion for those under the 18 age group is restricted in almost every part of the world. People under 18 years are not prepared both physically as well as mentally to handle a pregnancy. So, medical abortion is very high risk for this age group as well sexual intercourse is also prohibited in several countries for this age group.

2. Check first, You Are Pregnant Or Not

Many women get confused between early pregnancy and late periods. They interpret missed periods as pregnancy. One should be formally assured about their pregnancy. Never make assumptions about your pregnancy just because you are feeling pregnant. You must go through a pregnancy test and confirm first that you are pregnant or not?

3. Abortion pills are not Birth Control Pills

Some women confuse abortion pills with birth control pills and this can show serious repercussions. Regular consumption of abortion pills lowers the chances of future pregnancies or also can create complications in them. It is always recommended to use birth contraceptive methods to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Use Abortion pills only and only when you really want to abort your pregnancy.

4. Abortion pills are safe upto 10 Weeks

Once you get to know that you are having an unwanted pregnancy you should take the decision of medication abortion in the early stage of pregnancy. One must assure the time period of gestation. If your pregnancy is in your first trimester then you can opt for medical abortion. But if your pregnancy is more than 10 weeks you must go for surgical abortion.

5. Be sure you are not using any other kind of medications

The eligibility of medical abortion differs if you are administering medications to treat the health issues that you may have. Since a considerable number of these are known to interfere with the functioning of abortion pills and reduce the chances of successful medication abortion, it is advised that you inform your medical professional about your medical condition and abortion pill dosage. They may suggest possible solutions for taking abortion pills and countering the concurrent health issues.

The pregnancy termination method is also not suitable for ecotopic pregnancy. All the aforementioned limitations are established to ensure the safest abortion pill for women. If taken care of the above criteria, women can successfully terminate an unintended pregnancy through abortion medicines.

6. legal medical abortion

You should confirm if aborting a child through abortion pills is legal in your country or not. The laws for medical abortion are different in different countries. Before buying abortion pills you must know the rules and regulations regarding abortion in your country.

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