How to Treat Very Common Side Effects Of Abortion?

How to Treat Abortion Side Effects At Home

Medical abortion has very mild side effects in comparison to clinical abortion. Also, these side effects are very small terms and not affects the hormonal and cognitive phases of a woman.

Home remedies are the best way to cure abortion side effects. Additionally, a caring partner can also help you to recover early from the abortion. Medical abortion is a way where you can abort by using pills that are available on various websites. This method should be used with utmost care and precautions, as this method is prescribed within a specific time period up to 10 weeks.

Side effects are a part of medical abortion and they are bound to happen. There are some simple home remedies that can easily help you to overcome those side effects, ensuring a smooth process. Let’s discuss some of the home remedies that can be performed.

Increase Water Intake

After an abortion process, there are chances where the body can experience an abnormal rise in body temperature. The body loss so much water because of sweating. Accordingly, proper intake of water is very necessary to make the body hydrated and sustain the body from such side effects. An estimate of daily intake of water up to 5 litres will complete the purpose of maintaining enough electrolytes in the body and helps the body to recover easily.

Diarrhea Curing

Medical abortion induces hormonal changes that also affect the metabolism and gastric system of women. Therefore, there are several women who are diagnosed with stomach cramps and diarrhoea after a medical abortion. So, it is advised to consume seasonal fruits having enough electrolyte and water content, these fruits also help in tackling Diarrhea. One can also take herbal tea along with honey to soothe the effects of stomach cramps. But if the problem becomes more unbearable, it is advised to inform your doctor immediately.

How to tackle Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain is very common after a medical abortion. Most of the women experience side effects like pelvic pain after Misoprostol consumption. A hot water bath can help in relaxing the muscles which help in soothing the pain of the pelvic.

Nutrient Density

Certain nutrients are needed for progressive tissue regeneration, such as Vitamin B and Vitamin C. These Vitamins are very important nutrients required for tissue regeneration. Vitamin B relieves the body as well as cramps and offers hematopoietic and Vitamin C works as an antioxidant and helps in recovering from scars as well as after-effects of medical abortion. You can opt for vegetables and fruits too to have these vitamins instead of taking Vitamin pills.

Proper Rest

It is recommended by most gynaecologists worldwide to take proper rest after a medical abortion. The body goes through many phases during an abortion and the after-effects. The energy level falls below after an abortion. Therefore, it is advised to take complete bed rest for some days after the abortion.

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